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17/18 Sophomores visit Southern Illinois Collegiate College Market

17/18 Drivers Ed & Impaired Driver Simulator

Around the High School 16/17

FFA 2017

2016 Mr. Trefil's Cultural Studies Unit

Van's Custom Culture Group 17/18

Jaren Holley is leading a group of Bobcats in the Van's Custom Culture shoe design competition. Over the next month they will design and create 4 pairs of custom shoes. They are competing with schools from all over the country and are looking forward to putting us on the map for our artistic abilities. Any student interested in helping out should contact either Jaren Holley or Mr. Trefil.


Parent Letter from the Principal - Tony Rinella

28th November 2016

Dear Parents or Guardians,

The first semester is quickly coming to a close. We are in the final three weeks of the semester before Christmas break. Our last day of school is December 16. Our junior high and high school students will be taking their final assessments the week of December 12 - 16. High school students will have two days of finals that week.

All seventh through twelfth grade students will be Star 360 testing the week of December 5 - 9. These tests are focused in two areas primarily, math and english. Our school district has spent the last two years focusing our efforts towards improving our student reading scores. Please join us in this movement. Encourage reading with your child. Please read with your student everyday.

Unfortunately, it is that time of year for our school district to examine semester grades of those students who are not doing so well. If your student is in danger of being retained you will receive a letter from the principal stating so. These letters will go out after the first semester grades are reported. The letter will detail the next steps in the process.

Lastly, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed being principal here thus far. I truly feel like we have a family environment. The students and staff are working hard everyday. The change is obvious. We have a lot to look forward to at Meridian. Thank you so much. I wish you all the best over the holiday season. May you and your family be blessed.


Tony Rinella


4th August 2016


Dear Parents or Guardians,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tony Rinella. I am the principal of Meridian Jr. High and High School for Meridian CUSD #101. My responsibility is to be the educational leader for the seventh through twelfth grades.  I taught Social Studies, specifically, World History last year for the district. I am beginning my tenth year in education. I have two children, Brinley and Bo, with my wife Haley.

The most crucial aspect of this letter is that our school is in need of improvement. I mean on all levels. From the staff to the students with myself included. This is a community effort and Meridian CUSD #101 needs the community to support us in this process of improving our district. The vital aspect that you can provide to our school is an investment in your child’s education. We have to have your support in educating your child. We may not agree on every issue but we can agree that we all want what is best for our students. We have to approach this with a team mentality on the school and community level.

One issue I would like to get a head start on is our cell phone and electronic device policy. Students will not be allowed to have cell phones in the classroom. Cell phones are allowed at school but they must be kept turned off and locked in their assigned lockers during the school day. This goes for all electronic devices including headphones. Unless instructed otherwise, students may use their cell phones during breakfast and lunch time only. At any point during the day that instruction is taking place the cell phone must be turned off and kept locked in their locker. We need the parent and guardian support on this issue. Cell phones caused too many issues to ignore last school year. Specifically, fights and bullying. Another crucial aspect was the amount of instruction time that was lost from students using their cell phones or being redirected away from their phones to stay on task. Our students cannot lose instruction time. We have to increase our learning not hinder it. Please communicate this with your child. The handbook will be discussed with our students on the first day of school.

Our school will also have a School Resource Officer this school year. A School Resource Officer (SRO) is a sworn law enforcement officer who is responsible for providing security and crime prevention services in the school environment.

We want to have the best school year possible. We want to do this together as a community. The bottom line is we want what is best for our students. We Will work tirelessly to provide your child the education that they deserve. My door is always open. Please do not hesitate to call, email or stop by for a visit.

My best wishes,

Principal Tony Rinella

17/18 Mr. Trefil's & Mrs. Flamm's class collaboration.

 My 6th hour writing 10 class is working together with Mrs. Flamm's class to learn the structure and craft of writing stories. The first round my students wrote stories to be critiqued and reviewed by Mrs. Flamm's second graders. After this session, my students had to go back and make adjustments to their stories according to the second graders' feedback. Thursday, each high school student will share their story to Mrs. Flamm's entire class. The next piece of collaborative work will involve the second graders coming up with the story. The high school students will help to dictate a story that is brainstormed and developed by the second grade student. Eventually, if this collaboration proves effective, we may continue with a reading program that allows the high school students to act as peer mentors in reading.                                   

Intro to AG, AG Science and BSAA Classes

Shawnee Experience 2016

Bobcats in Action

Career Day @ Busch Stadium (9/14/16

      Students had a wonderful day in St. Louis. )They attended a presentation where executives gave college and career advice. Several colleges were represented at the college fair and our students received valuable information. We ended the day by watching the Cardinals game, which many of our students had not experienced. The kids were great. Thank you to all who made this possible.                  

Fast Start - Meridian School we are partnering with SCC to provide these students with their first year of college education.

Meridian seniors at freshman orientation at Shawnee Community College.  They will be taking on a full schedule of college credit courses this school year that is fully paid for by the Fast Start program.  They will be attending Shawnee instead of Meridian this school year.  Meridian School we are partnering with SCC to provide these students with their first year of college education.  When they graduate in May, they will have one year of college completed.  

      8/23/16  Fast Start students working on assignments on their day off from classes.  8/23/16  Fast Start students working on assignments on their day off from classes.  8/23/16  Fast Start students working on assignments on their day off from classes.  8/23/16  Fast Start students working on assignments on their day off from classes.