FAQ - Meridian CUSD #101


Meridian CUSD #101 Faculty, Staff, Parents and Community, we face trying times over the next two weeks or potentially longer and will be here for you and your students.  With that being said here is some guidance for potential questions which may arise.  

Q: When and why are schools closed?

A: Per a directive from Governor Pritzker, schools in Illinois will be closed starting on Tuesday, March 17th, through at least Monday, March 30th, with plans to reopen on Tuesday, March 31st.

Q: Is school in session this Monday, March 16th?

A: We will be in session on Monday, March 16th, in order to make needed arrangements for continued instruction to the best of our ability.  Students will be dismissed at 11:00am and be sent home with sack lunches to be used on Tuesday.

Q: How can my child access meals during this closure?

A: We are making meals available via a Grab and Go sack style option at various locations. We will be also bringing lunches to students in rural areas.  This information will be updated on Monday, March 16th. Please stay tuned to social media, the school website and school voice/text messages.    

Q: Does my child need to bring everything home?

A: We are asking that all students clear out their lockers, desks, and any other personal items so that our custodial staff can sanitize these and all other spaces of the schools.

Q: Will graduation dates change?

A: All graduation dates are set and will remain the same.

Q: What will happen with school events, athletics, and extracurriculars during the closure?

A: All school events and mandatory practices are canceled during this closure.

Q: What will happen with events, athletics, and extracurriculars scheduled on or after Tuesday, March 31st?

A: At this time, following the state mandated closure, all events, athletics, and extracurriculars will continue as they are currently scheduled.  If this should change you will be notified immediately.


Q: What will happen with Spring Break that is currently scheduled for April 7th - 13th?

A: Spring break will still remain as scheduled along with other events, post school reopening on Tuesday, March 31st.  Spring Break is supposed to begin with a half day of school on April 7th and resume on Tuesday, April 14th.

Q: What will the last day of school be?

A: All days missed due to COVID-19 shall be considered Act of God days and are not required to be made up. The last day will not go past Monday, June 1st, 2020, and will likely remain Tuesday, May 26th, if we use no emergency days related to other issues.

Q: How do we get medicine that might be stored at school that we will need during the closure?

A: Please contact your respective school office on Monday to make arrangements to pick up medicine your students have at school if they are needed.

Q: How will the schools be working to continue education?

A: While student and community health and safety are the first priority, we are also working to do our best to ensure the continuance of education. This will vary from building to building. Some will be sending home packets, while others will be providing books, computers/laptops, and e-learning opportunities. Each student will be instructed as to what this will look like from their teachers at their schools. We would also encourage the use of the many educational resources that are accessible online.

Q: Do you know of any child care options?

A: While schools are closed we are aware of several high school students that have been posting on social media that are willing to do babysitting during this break. The schools are not sponsoring or coordinating this effort, but would be glad to help make connections if needed.

Q: Will JAMP still be in session?

A: No, however Grab and Go meals will be available via the process described on the attached Grab and Go Student Meals sheet.